Betty's Perfect Manhattan

A Perfect Manhattan may possibly be the best alcoholic drink created, but finding someone to make "Betty's Perfect Manhattan" is hard to come by. The requirements for Betty's Perfect Manhattan is 1. Must be served on the rocks 2. Must, I'll repeat, MUST be served in an old fashioned glass or lowball glass AND 3. Must be shaken not stirred. Drink with caution, 1 perfect manhattan made right will do the trick, 2 you may be in trouble.
Serving Size 2 cocktails
Put 4 shots blended whiskey, Johnny Walker Red , 1 shot Dry Vermouth, 1 shot Sweet Vermouth in a shaker filled with ice. Add a few teaspoons of cherry juice. Shake. Pour into 2 lowball glasses filled with ice. Top with cherry. Enjoy responsibly.

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